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About Us


“Pietà verre,” translated as “devotion in glass,” conveys the key concepts of our artwork: eternity and constancy, commitment and care, as well as the fragility of life and the transparency of love.

Crystal, glass and porcelain are enduring and imperishable materials; yet they also connote the fragile preciousness of love and life. Reflective and translucent, our urns both mirror and render transparent the loving gaze of the onlooker. Pieta Verre’s original art pieces point to the precious uniqueness of every individual.



Pieta Verrè is committed to excellence and creativity by creating exceptional funeral art that blends the tradition of craft-making with innovation.

Pieta Verre was established with a mission to create innovative, artistic funeral vessels in glass, crystal, and porcelain - all characterized by distinctive, unique styles. With our cremation urns, we not only aim to help you preserve the ashes of your loved ones; rather, we strive to create a truly personal, individual connection through color, shape and decor.  


Pieta Verre is a registered trademark and brand of Prague Imports, Ltd., which has been working with leaders in the funeral industry for the past 19 years. Our expertise in glass, crystal, and porcelain provides us with a unique ability to create and manufacture elegant and highly distinguished cremation urns for private labels, funeral home displays, or custom-made urns. Furthermore, our main goal is to deliver cremation urns of the highest quality and the best value to our customers. 

We are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. 


Gabriela Gross, Owner & CEO of  Prague Imports, Ltd. 



Pieta Verre artists strive to combine designs, shapes, and hues to develop imaginative visual concepts which transcend the possible and the ordinary, the here and the now – to create truly memorable pieces of art. 

Our styles draw on clean lines, organic shapes, and enchanting colors to inspire feelings of comfort and solace.   

For Pieta Verre, the design is so much more than providing a funeral vessel with a shape and a color. Rather, each of Pieta Verre designs aspires, by virtue of functional and decorative means, to express personality, idiosyncrasy, longings and desires.

Pieta Verre is proud to honor the rich legacy of European craftsmanship.  Such enduring, exceptional artistry is demonstrated in each of our exclusive collections of hand-made cremation urns – all created by highly skilled artisans in the Czech Republic.


Our extensive work in funeral design and manufacturing includes cremation urns made in glass, crystal, or porcelain, keepsakes, and companion urns created for numerous companies in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Since 2015 our selection is also available in Australia and New Zealand.

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