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Honoring the Memory of Your Loved One

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Here at Pieta Verre, we create cremation urns and funeral art that look to honor the memories a person leaves behind. Our thoughtful design process stimulates inspiration from the beauty of nature that allows us to craft cremation vessels meant to commemorate life in a bespoke way. We utilize a mixture of glass and crystal — each add an air of grace and sophistication to every cremation urn. Every cremation vessel is handmade with love and respect, tailored specifically for each customer in order to give them a unique and meaningful way to honor their loved one.




Pieta Verre functions as an innovator in the cremation and funeral art market, providing bespoke cremation urns crafted from exquisite materials such as glass, crystal and porcelain. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, from shape and color to the handmade decorations. Functioning as a luxury service provider, we strive to make sure our customers have access to personalized funeral art that helps connect them with their departed ones. Through our commitment to create exceptional cremation urns, Pieta Verre stands out for its unique approach towards funeral art.

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At Pieta Verre, cremation urns have evolved into something more than a cremation memorial. We believe that thoughtful funeral art should honor life’s memories and pay tribute to a meaningful life. Our unique designs are created by our talented artisans and brought to life with fine glass and captivating crystal materials. We are passionate about creating bespoke cremation urns that represent the individual being celebrated. Every cremation urn is deeply personal and uniquely special so families can keep their loved one’s memory close as they remember them in remembrance.


Our latest collection of cremation urns, designed by prominent Czech glass designer and glassmaker Lukas Jaburek, is a truly remarkable piece of funeral art. Each cremation urn is hand made and designed with enchanting colours that represent the depth of a midnight sky or a golden sun. The cremation urn features minimalist stars as its motif, which sits perfectly on the beautifully crafted urn- making it an exquisite bespoke design for cremation. Carefully handmade by the skilful hands of Lukas Jaburek himself, this cremation urn is unique in both strength and beauty to pay tribute to the departed one.



Discover the Unique Artistic Heritage of VENINI

Venini's Opachi collection is born of inspiration, beauty, and artful craftsmanship. Drawing on the classic forms of East Asian porcelain ware, Carlo created a timeless collection in the 1940s. His beloved works finally saw new life in the 1960s, with the arrival of the minimal and elegant forms of Tobia Scarpa's monochrome models.

Opachi symbolizes comfort and strength, making it the perfect choice for those looking to express their love and commemorate a lost loved one. Each piece celebrates the timeless artistry of Italian glass and is the perfect symbol of love, remembrance and everlasting harmony.

Choose a piece from this graceful collection as a lasting remembrance of those closest to you, knowing that you are honoring their memory with a work of art and elegance. Let the beauty of Venini's Opachi collection bring serenity and joy into your home.

Discover the unique artistic heritage of VENINI, a company that has been creating distinctive works of art for over one hundred years. Our upcoming collection of hand blown glass is made in Murano, Italy, by distinguished artisans. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, making it a truly unique and special work of art.


Our mission is to provide exceptional funeral art by combining artisan craftsmanship with modern innovation, helping families honor their cherished memories in an unforgettable way. We aspire for our products to be more than just memorabilia; they should inspire hope and bring comfort through creative expression of love.

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