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Funeral Design 


Meet Our Chief 


Glass artist, designer, and glass master, Lukas Jaburek has won many prestigious awards during his distinguished career, among them the  Public Award of the highly esteemed Czech Grand Design Competition 2012 for the design of Hruska and Kolorit Vases and in 2019 the Tableware International Awards of Excellence Award. His works have been showcased in select renowned galleries worldwide. A graduate of the Vocational School of Glass and the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Novy Bor, Lukas Jaburek served until 2018 as the Chief Artistic Director at the world-renowned Moser Glassworks in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic. 



At Pieta Verre, we have more than 20 years of experience in glass design and manufacturing. Our artisans strive to combine designs, shapes, and hues to develop imaginative visual concepts, which transcend the possible and ordinary, the here and the now- to create truly memorable pieces of art. Through their form and color, our cremation urns capture the uniqueness of every individual. 

 Whether you have a design in mind or would like us to create a bespoke funeral urn, we will work alongside you to create the most beautiful funeral urn. 

Our Inspiration 

Our styles draw on clean lines, organic shapes, and enchanting colors to inspire feelings of comfort and solace.   

For Pieta Verre, the design is so much more than providing a funeral vessel with a shape and a color. Rather, each of Pieta Verre's designs aspires, by virtue of functional and decorative means, to express personality, idiosyncrasy, longings, and desires.



Crystal and glass are beautiful and enduring materials and select designs can be further personalized upon request with an etched or sandblasted message, photograph, or date. 

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