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In the depths of sorrow, when words cannot adequately express the magnitude of your loss, the Pink Hydrangea Bouquette Cremation urn stands as a radiant beacon of remembrance. Crafted with precision and love, this exquisite piece is a testament to the beauty that can emerge even in the darkest of times.

Handmade with eternal passion, the Glass Pink Hydrangea urn embraces the purity of white glass, a canvas upon which a master painter delicately weaves his brushstrokes. Jan Janecky, a true maestro of his craft, painstakingly brings to life a mesmerizing melange of floral marvels—an enchanting bouquet that comprises vibrant hydrangea, delicate lilies, and majestic blue delphiniums.

Every petal unfurls with unparalleled grace, breathing life into the urn and forging an everlasting connection between you and your departed beloved. As Jan Janecky devotes countless hours to this work of art, each brushstroke carries with it a piece of his own heart—a heart that understands the pain of losing someone who means the world to you.

This ethereal masterpiece possesses a singular charm that can only be found in something truly exceptional. It is more than just a cremation urn; it is a vessel of solace, a token of eternal love, and a lasting tribute to a life well-lived. Its mesmerizing design captivates the eye and evokes a deep sense of serenity and tranquility, gently cradling your dear one's ashes in a warm embrace.

With unwavering dedication, we have created the Hydrangea Bouquette Cremation urn as a symbol of devotion and honor, a sanctuary where memories intertwine and cherished moments find solace. In a world weighed down by grief, this urn stands tall as a symbol of resilience, reminding you that love transcends the boundaries of life and death.

So, in this time of immense heartache, let the Hydrangea Bouquette Cremation urn become a luminous beacon on your journey towards healing and acceptance. Embrace its tender grace, and allow it to bring you solace and strength, knowing that your loved one's spirit resides forever in the delicate petals of this extraordinary work of art.

Because even in the darkest moments, beauty can bloom, and the Hydrangea Bouquette Cremation urn serves as a gentle reminder that love endures, even when we must say goodbye.

Hand painted glass urn - Hydrangea

  • Height: 29 cm / 11 inches 

    Volume: 200 in3 

    Color:  White 

    Material: Hand Blown Glass. Hand painted. 

    Country of origin: Czech Republic 

    Artist: Jan Janecky

    White satin pouch included